The Timeless Beauty of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold, which is alternately called pink gold, is a beautiful metal choice for an engagement ring.

An increasing number of couples are selecting the rich lovely tones of a pink gold setting to offset the cool brilliance of a diamond.  This pinkish hue complements other colorful gemstones as well, plus it enhances most any skin color.

This combination creates a unique and timeless look that will surely last a lifetime.

Getting To Know Rose Gold

Gold has always been a favorite among jewelry makers, designers, and jewelry lovers. This is because of the value and worth of the element, as well as the aesthetic effect of the varying shades of the yellow or golden colors. Gold is a malleable metal on its own.  So more often than not, pieces of jewelry made out of gold are mixed with other metals to come up with a much stronger, and more durable metal, making the jewelry less susceptible to bending and breaking.

The mixture of other metals with gold is not only for the purposes of durability, but it is also for producing colored gold.  Rose gold is made from adding copper into pure gold and in effect gives gold a pink or reddish color. The more amount of copper added to the mixture, the deeper the color is going to be.

Who Wears Rose Gold

The attraction of rose gold is that its subtle pink hue looks great on any skin tone.  And because it is a neutral color, it beautifully complements yellow gold and white gold, which are often combined in jewelry creations.

This metal has been around for over a century, but has recently resurged in popularity among the fashion conscious.  What likely has inspired the increase in popularity of this colored gold is the recent media attention featuring many celebrities wearing rose gold jewelry, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham.

Women typically wear rose gold jewelry, but because of the rising popularity of this pink colored metal, men have also started wearing it. Men’s rose gold watches have become quite a trend, as have men’s rose gold wedding rings.

So virtually anyone can look great wearing rose gold jewelry, and it has the added advantage of mixing and matching easily with jewelry of other metals and colors.

Why a Rose Gold Ring is the Perfect Choice

If you are a man buying for your bride to be, you understand how much women appreciate the fact that you’ve put so much thought in choosing the engagement ring you are going to give to the love of your life. Aside from its uniqueness, the pale pink color of the ring, topped with a precious stone, definitely has a more romantic effect to your proposal.  Rose gold engagement rings, due to the pink color, can symbolize femininity for many.  For others, it may symbolize a woman’s other struggles such as breast cancer.

And many women today have a hand in selecting their own engagement ring.  This makes sense, as it is a treasure to be worn for the rest of your life.  If you’re looking for something slightly less traditional than yellow or white gold, something that will represent your individuality without being too unconventional, then you can’t go wrong with this type of engagement ring. It is extremely stylish, will blend well with any skin, hair, and eye color, and has a timeless quality to it that will certainly last a lifetime,  you can find some of the real user reviews on

Types and Styles of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Because this colored metal is so versatile, your can find rose gold rings in a wide range of styles and designs, from vintage to contemporary.  And while some have a band of pure rose gold, others combine rose, yellow and white gold to create beautiful tricolor looks in the rings.  Here are just a few examples of the most popular styles:

  • Solitaire Diamond or Gemstone Ring – The sparkling gem really stands out beautifully against the metal’s subtle pink tone
  • Three-Stone Ring – The blush tones add a delicate twist to this classic design
  • Pave-Side Stone Halo Ring – Showcase the brilliance of the stones with a warm pastel setting.
  • Filigree Antique Style Ring – Take rose gold back to its century old roots with intricate filigree accents and vintage designs.

Rose gold is indeed a very current look that will surely become a classic, and can be just the right choice for many women embarking on their new life in marriage.



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