Why Big Tents are Better than Small Tents

Campers are rarely going on an adventure carrying a big tent with them. This may, however, be a mistake, as big tents have several advantages compared to smaller ones. 

Big tents seem like a waste of space and money. And, sure, if you are out by yourself, a big tent doesn’t seem too useful. A big tent, such as 8 man camping tents that are popular in the latest years, has many good sides, even if you’re traveling in small groups. Here are some of the perks of buying a bigger tent for your camping trip.

1. They Are More Flexible

Small tents are… well, small. They can’t be modified at all. On the other hand, bigger tents are adjustable. You can set their windows, doors, even storage spaces on most models! This will not only increase your movability but also allow you more room to rest.

2. Better Air Circulation

This one is a no-brainer. Bigger tents have more space, which means more air and better air circulation. Not only that, but most big tents have larger windows. This will improve the fresh breeze to enter your resting place, allowing you not to feel congested.

3. They Are Affordable

If you are planning to go camping with family or friends, getting a big tent is much cheaper than buying several smaller ones. It’s easy to figure out that one big tent is much more affordable than six or eight smaller ones. 

4. More Storage

Even if you don’t plan to travel in groups, big tents tend to be more useful, especially if you are hiking, mountain climbing or doing some similar activity that demands the use of specialty gears. Small tents are typically made for sleeping and sleeping only. This is enough for some, but most people require more storage space. In a bigger tent, you’ll have more room for your stuff.

5. They Are More Fun

Let’s face it. Small tents aren’t that fun. You can sleep in them, and shelter from rain for a little while. However, there is not much else you can do, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. Bigger tents, however, allow you to have most activities that you may have in a camping house. You can eat in them, play card games, maybe even dedicate some time to your hobby! You won’t be able to do all these activities in a four-people tent, for a fuller list of 8 person tents available on today’s market check out https://thetenthub.com/, an awesome camping blog that reviews all tents.