What is an Air Purifier?

If you disintegrate the spaced compound word “air purifier”, you will discover that “air” and “purifier” suggest that air purification isn’t farfetched.

How an air purifier cleanses contaminated air isn’t black magic neither is it a white lie. Don’t sweat it; it’s merely science and tech.

An air purifier comes in different designs but to achieve one goal: purify the air. The device is built with an internal fan and multiple filters neatly covered with openings at the front to enable purified air to escape and for contaminated air to come in.

The fan is responsible for pulling in the polluted air within the house or office or any indoor structure which passes through a series of filters made of fibres. The filtering process goes on and on releasing unpolluted air for inhabitants to breathe in.

The external design of an air purifier makes it appear like an air conditioner AC. But an air conditioner works differently from an air purifier.

They both control the temperature in an enclosed space, but an air conditioner is concerned with conditioning the humidity within the area.

While an air conditioner is responsible for controlling temperature and humidity, an air purifier is primarily designed to purify the air in an enclosed spaced contaminated by harmful airborne particles.

There many air pollutants that cause the returned air from the air purifier to get bad again. Pet’s dander, dust, dust mites, odours, smoke, chemicals, and mould spores are all members of air pollutants.

Not all air purifiers are designed to get rid of everything listed above. Some individual air purifiers are more effective when it comes to trapping dust or pet dander, and others are efficient for smoke, odours, and chemicals as stated in Proreview.co’s article on purifiers.

There five types:

  1. Electrostatic Precipitators
  2. HEPA Air Purifiers
  3. Ozone Generators
  4. Activated Carbon
  5. UV Light Air Purifiers

These are the top air purifiers you can find depending on the kind of airborne particles you want to get rid of. An ozone generator releases a great deal of ozone which may deprive you of being able to enter the room for about 24 hours.

Despite that, an ozone generator is an excellent option for trapping smoke and odours. On another side, UV Light Air Purifier is known for killing viruses, bacteria and mould spores by using the radiation from ultraviolet lights. 

Don’t forget to look out for the noise level before purchasing one!